Marching Horizontally

we walk these street on a daily basis and the only thing standing in our way is the rain cause even the itsy bitsy spider went down the spine again.

we tremble the ground everyday as if we here to conquer, but what other reason else would we risk our lives, dodging cars on their streets, rolling down dark alley ways at night as if we are the ones to be afraid of. ofcourse! we here for every step of the way, to live in the now and present, to exercise the power of nothingness and be the owners of our own destinies and own our universe and not let it be a projection another universe, hence multiverse.

our drive is our destination called home where all alike eat from the same table and gather around the same bonfire and live in the same cave in the same mountain and all reply “yes” when you call them by their one name, God.

manifestation as living should be a reflection of your own universe and live eternal, for time is measured on its own term.

WildHeArt, uZethembe Sibiya


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