The Village Kid Takes over the City

Our soulful lovable brother, Sifundo “theVillageKid” Sibisi, of the Nowadays Poets, will be having is very first one man show at the Bat Centre on the 27th of february and we know he’s going to kill it(DED).

After the brother was allowed to heal after and spectate the last show held by the Nowadays Poets, after being hospitalised, he is up and running and determined AF to conquer.

The Show will be free of entry and all is welcome to observe and be blessed we a half day of poetry and music. we do not know what the brother has been cooking wherever he was, but knowing  him with his ill lyricism, live energy, ripe livelihood and fearlessness…. oh and two beers please!.

The Village Kid is best know for just out of blue busting some mad rhymes and leaving us in awe with our jaws on the ground. we going to be hanging with him in days riding up to the date of his One man show and maybe get ourselves some exclusives just for our readers.


by WildHeArt, Zethembe Sibiya


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