According 2 Da Xha

in an interview conducted with HipHop Sosha’s DJ2daxha about our upcoming interview about the Nutscratchers, we decided to provoke his observation as one of the path creators for the arts of Durban and as the charming, laid back brother he is and he did not hesitate to give names and point fingers.

we asked him whom should we watch out for as up and coming hot acts of Durban and these are the names we are sure to observe with the eyes of a tiger;

  • Mizi the Kasi Banger
  • Ash – Umlazi
  • Target
  • Oudskul (producer)
  •  Linda – Eli (Stanger)
  • Rhyme Related
  • Nampiri Soul (skitso)
  • DJ2daxha (remix album; vol 1 – Whoozet)
  • GMS (Groot Man Style)
  • Kangaman kolly
  • Annalyzer

we couldn’t end on such a high note and not be blessed with wise words for every act that that is on the grind and hustling for those Mandela Notes and this is what he had to say with great emphasize;

  • Travel with your own money and don’t wait for investments
  • Don’t complain when you not hustling
  • Stay real as soon as you start
  • Support your own
  • We will never have our own until we do our own
  • A soon as you follow, you not creating (create your own)

sure we could of ended there, but where’s the fun in that when we were still lingering on the alias “2daxha” and the Dj did not beat about the bushels and what he told us left us with a ooh and an aah, ” the Xha  is when the beat is in sync regardless of the genre when mixing on set, the way of molecules of the world move together is the XHA”.

he also has his own blog where you can check out more of his work and words and follow who he is following



by: WildHeArt, Zethembe Sibiya


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