Reminiscing and Recognising

the day was perfect for such a prestigious evening with art. the room was a collage of art expressions and art lifestyle people.

Amasosha Group were at attention with their art and were un apologetic about it, with Mthobisi Maphumulo as one of the artists exhibition whom went on and expressed him opinion on social is with his art piece speaking about his work is questions the inequalities that are found in the society through social struggles his people have engaged with in order to find freedom.

the exhibition was themed – 20 Years Later : A Fresh look at our Bill of Rights which has the DNA of Oliver Tambo Stating repetetively Former Judge of the Contitutional Court Judge Albie Sachs, who was the guest speaker (he spoke to us about our current youth struggle- #FEESMUSTFALL-, but that a topic for another day)

Sihle Mthumkhulu, another of the AmaSosha Group, stood out with is sculpture of Kings of Africa (King Mswati), a crab wich symbolises water, love elements. all in all he is saying that African Kingsmanship will never die and forever reign almighty.

the AmaSosha Group is said to be consisting of nine members, sadly all of them are men and Mthobisi Maphumulo is calling out two females (Dancer and Photographer) to complete the team effort and be effectively effective as a collective.

the exhibition was called together by Carol Brown who is the curator of the art works at thwe Durban Art Gallery on the third floor.

Zuko N, Ghu of Afreeecan Khonsirps colluded with fellow artist Khulula Hlophe on freedom of expression through clothing, “issues we cannot speak out or expressionism we csan reach is reveal through clothing and the best part is that it is not mostly in art galleries but on the street in everyday lives” expressed Zuko N.Ghu.

A guy from Botswana named Modisa Motsomi decided to express him views on the previous xeno[phobic attack on fellow like-skinned black people and sculptured (says he always does this) his face.

as to  the artists that were there:

  • AmaSosha Group
  • Mthobisi Maphumulo
  • Nkosinathi Ndlovu
  • Mondli Mbhele
  • Sihle Mthumkhulu
  • Bhekinkosi Deli (first time exhibiter, we speak to this guy next)
  • Khulula Hlophe
  • Quentin

Just to name a few.


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