Yonder The Complexities of Fashion

Upenyu Wakanaka

Fashion is said to be art, art to Fathermoon definition is expression of self. the way we acknowledge fashion has no limits but to only our opinions.

recently we have been observing the streets of Durban and all we seem to see are replicas of what the media deem suitable to air. with that being said, we have realised that fashion is somewhat diverting into appropriation of cultures, which are then translated into “sub-cultures”.

a question was raised in one of our meetings……. “if fashion is expression of self, then the copy-cats of fashion, what are they expressing?” which the raised a follow-up questions

  • is everyone feeling the same way?
  • are people all fighting the same fight?
  • do people overstand what they are saying with fashion?
  • or are people unaware of their expressions?

art to our overstanding IS of-course an expressional form, the play with colours, objects, shapes, sublime…

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