Yonder The Complexities of Fashion

Fashion is said to be art, art to Fathermoon definition is expression of self. the way we acknowledge fashion has no limits but to only our opinions.

recently we have been observing the streets of Durban and all we seem to see are replicas of what the media deem suitable to air. with that being said, we have realised that fashion is somewhat diverting into appropriation of cultures, which are then translated into “sub-cultures”.

a question was raised in one of our meetings……. “if fashion is expression of self, then the copy-cats of fashion, what are they expressing?” which the raised a follow-up questions

  • is everyone feeling the same way?
  • are people all fighting the same fight?
  • do people overstand what they are saying with fashion?
  • or are people unaware of their expressions?

art to our overstanding IS of-course an expressional form, the play with colours, objects, shapes, sublime messages etc…..

they say there is nothing new under the sun, so what ever “new” style that pops up from which ever dungeon it was laying has seen the light of day in the past, so it’s true then, every dog has it’s day.

the wearing of “women” clothing recently resurfacing by men isn’t something new, yet the world chooses to be shocked, to be true, if the world was educated,we’d actually have something new…. but that’s a story for another day.

the native clothing for most cultures, if not all… looking from the Zulu culture with ibheshu, to the Scottish with the Kilt, all the way around to the Indians, Muslims, Asians…. even in the bible (im sure you Drift my Catch by now).

yes, yes, yes, im talking about Jaden Smith, its somewhat liberating, like a huge release, like getting your craving fulfilled, like finishing u-Arosta we-Whoonga (how would we know right..?). i guess people express what the what to express differently.

to the other end the repercussions of so much expression will turn society against you, traditional methods will pop up as an obstacle, religion will have its say, lowlifes will laugh, people with a great eye will congratulate…. somewhat of a necessary evil in constructing the society with such freedom in the unforeseeable future.

………..on the other hand we can continue using the social status quo (has it been working though?).

“we do not need intellectual anymore, we need implementers”.




by : uZethembe “WildHeart” Sotobe


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