Editor Wins 1st Pool Competition in 2 Years

Our Editor, WildHeArt, won the very first pool competition in two years at the City Campus, Durban University of technology.

The competition was organised by WildHeArt in response to the fact that there are alot of pool players at the city campus and no one was really ready to give their all, because it seemed that, everyone played players they are used to so and never gave their all. in response to that, our editor decided that if people would invest in their capabilities and played a player they never really played with their full might, then that would make a very interesting turn of events.

The competition was not only about who is best, but each player was playing for their individual title and the title of the best faculty that harnessed the best players on campus. it was first player against player, there were eight players that participated, they played until there were only two players to play in the final, it was a knock out tournament.

in city campus, there are five faculties; Journalism, Graphic Design, Jewellery Design, Fine Art, Interior Design and video Technology, it is basically an Art school [if you will].

the final round was down to WildheArt and Avaran, Journalism and Video Technology. the match was a very fiery battle between two giants whom conquer the pool table on a daily basis.

Avaran was leading from the word go with stripes, dropped all the balls and was down to the black eight ball, whilst WildHeArt was slacking behind with six solid ball, to the hard praying and the contemplating of Avaran, WildHeArt got to the black eight ball, tensions were high and the anticipation and suspense dominating, WildHeArt struck the balls and…………. before that, a stroke of genius was hit by Avaran with a jump ball, cushion, pocket shot that left the Heart of WildHeArt racing like a stampede of buffaloes,   sadly it was never meant to be and with only one shot need between the players to sink the black eight ball, WildHeArt, with only one shot on the black eight ball, sunk the black eight ball and left with the prize money of R105.00.

the same competition will be running twice a week with an entrance fee of R15.00 per player. if any DUT student from City Campus should wish to participate, email us at Upenyuwakanaka@gmail.com or inbox us on Facebook and we will gladly accommodate the notion.


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