He Actually brought Back His Lighter

I have always wondered, why the two most stolen objects are manufactured by the same company?

I remember the days of being in primary school, no matter if you came without a pen, you were bound to leave with a pen, and not just any pen but a BIC pen. fast forward the years, with alittle misjudgements, wrong decisions, i ended up huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf and X always told me the, “you should laways carry a lighter, its doesn’t symbolise that you smoke, but that you have fire”.

I have made friends from just asking for a lighter from an unsuspecting stranger and going on to find that we’d be best of friends. most of the time when asking for a lighter and the stranger finds that its a blunt and not cigarette, they go berzerk asking for “two pulls”, ending up to be a quarter  of the blunt, not realising that i have their lighter in my hand, we’d go off on similarities, 21 questions and then depart, unintentionally stealing the lighter.

i have never bought a lighter, well, except when it was my matric dance and i needed independence from having my own weed, own liquor, own food, own ride(my feet) and own lighter to name the least.

Shaquile lent this guy his lighter and was on his way to class so he said “give this ou(me) my lighter and i”ll get it from him, aweh”. (Aside) Shaquile, tall, with Afro and Chilled Steez is the coolest guy thus yet. so i left for home and only when i dug in my pocket to pay in the taxi that i realised that i had left with his lighter, ironically, i has decided to quit smoking a day before so iw was only right i return his lighter, it wasn’t a BIC lighter, but a lighter nonetheless. “he actually brought back the li9ther”, but thats because he decided to quite smoking!

By, WildHeArt


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