Book Review: The White Boy Shuffle

Author: Paul Beatty 

Year published: 1996

Publishers: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Picador
the book starts off with a run-through the recollection of the narrators (Gunnar Kaufman) ancestors, Euripides, a slave who received his freedom. Gunnar Kaufman is a black boy in Los Angeles living in the suburbs with the majority of society being white and never having lived with black society.
Gunnar Kaufman is one of three children to his parent but doesn’t live with his father, only his mother and two sister.
Mrs. Kaufman decides to move back to the “hood” so her children would get a natural black upbringing for her children, which would turn to be the biggest mistake she would make. Gunnar , from being a coconut, skateboarding, surfer black dude, to turning into one of “those” juvenile delinquents reported about on television, being involved in drive-bys and heists involving super safe safes.
while in between all the commotion Gunnar is a “street poet” who is getting a lot of exposure by publishing his poetry and jumping for the hoops and signifies himself officially a full upbrought-in-the-ghetto black boy.
ends up going to Boston Unversity, same Unversity where Reverend Martin Luther King Jr received his doctorates and instantly becomes popular with the lecturers of all studies, constantly using his abilities to demonstrate to bring clarity to any issue whether in philosophy or mathematics, even becomes popular with the inside politicians, inspiring two people to kill themselves as a sign of good faith and honour killing for the course they stand for. the rest I will leave to you to find out when you read the book.
  • 9/10 Stars for the Novel
  • 9/10 Stars for the Jargon
  • 7/10 Stars for the storyline

the next book is Called – Impicabadala by N.G. Dlamini.



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