In Touch with Outer Ones

the encountering with extraterrestrial beings has be revealed to the world at large, yet it remains nothing but mere speculation and conspiracies.

In Mali, West Africa, lives a tribe of people called the Dogon. the Dogon people have claimed and lived to their generational knowledge passing of encounters with the E.T. and have gone as far as dressing as their E.T. counterparts.

these ethnical people hailing from the country Mali, having been said to be children of the Egyptian people and the Egyptians of Ethiopia.

in the book: Zulu Shaman by Credo Mutwa, he counts he encounters he has had with E.T. from a youngling  to his travels across the plains and forest of Africa.

the question remains, or is it because the media has neglected to shine the light on the topic, or maybe because it not worth releasing .

the Dogon people believe in a dark star that is invisible to the naked eye, even to a telescope, this dark star is a silhouette in from of the Sirius star in the Sirius star system and was found by Intergalactic astronauts who went searching for it after finding that a rural, uncivilised, undeveloped Mali.

their astrological history claims the visitation of E.T. giving them the knowledge and information, and even telling them about the Black Star and them again leaving them, and until this very day. as a matter of fact, it goes back to 3200 BC.

so can we claim that development is inspired by alien technology and that they hold the “earthly Knowledge” or is it safe to assume that the Snake in the beginning of the Old Testament in the King James Version bible is the slimy, slithering, silky Knowledge provider are the Dogons and the Dragon in the Book of revelations is them too, because it is speculated that they came from the sea of air(SPACE) in their sub-spaceship.

the question i leave today is that……. are we alone in this universe and is there only one universe or does the YOUniverse only exist idly but in connection with other beings… regardless of all speculations and assumptions… such topics beat and weather… with its connection to the theory of God.


Zethembe Sotobe aka WildheArt.


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