Votes Have Been Casted


It is not surprise that the African National Congress is the party most voted for across South Africa. Though it was expected that the Democratic Alliance took the Western Cape.

These elections were expected to bring upsets with the Democratic Alliance leading in Gauteng and the two major metros in that Province, Johannesburg and Tshwane Metros as well as Nelson Mandela Bay. We had been anticipated this major change in voter’s choice of party to lead them.

It is also not really a surprise to find that 26 million registered but only 5 million people voted, this raised a question that what do people want for their country. With over 90 thousand votes spoilt, the country’s future of about 60 million people laid on 2 million people and at every circle of people debating about politics, people didn’t do what louder than debating.

The African national Congress has taken lead on over 7 of the 9 provinces, but the Democratic Alliance holds all the major metros of South Africa, that alone reveals that our economically bright metros want the DA to run the country. Seems as if the DA’s vision of 2029 is coming in light, slowly but sure.

According to News24 Elections update, the only other political parties that have been voted to lead metros is the Inkatha Freedom party (few in KZN) and the Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa taking the Kannaland Metro.

These elections have to be the most exciting since 1994, because this reveals a lot rolling up to the national elections in 2018, if the DA really does good for their metros and the whole country sees it, many will be persuaded to redirect their focus and jump ship and the DA is counting on it as far as we see it.

On social media, many are revealing that they voted, but as well as those whom didn’t vote revealed that they didn’t vote and don’t see anything wrong with that, mostly being the youth.

All we have to do now is wait for the national elections to see where South Africa want to be and who they want to pilot them to whatever destinations, nonetheless these elections went on by smoothly and calmly and that stability reveals a lot about how our future stands.





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