Messages from the Warfare Guerilla Souls


AmaSosha Art Movement is a group of collective from in and around Durban who have an inter-dimensional view of art in unison and united to march in the line as soldiers do and fight a social guerilla warfare in the street of South Africa as a whole.

AmaSosha exhibited at the kwaZulu Natal Society of Arts on Tuesday, 16/08/16, which had a collective of thirteen artists exhibiting, speaking about their messages from the soul.

P1080749.JPG Photo by Thalente Khomo

“the picture talks about ho0w society views a young child as an adult and that get exploited by society and the young child loses its innocence” said Khomo who is Photographer studying photography at the Durban University of Technology and also once did a photo shoot with WildHeArt.

the exhibition was opened by ubaba Thami Jali with a opening speech, then followed with a contemporary piece by Zwakhele Gazu and Slindile Sibiya then sprinkled some musical essence by Mbijana Sibisi and then the roaming and mingling began with “long-time” expressions of people who only meet at exhibition because they all are hard workers.


the exhibition explores the spiritual thoughts in the context of a judgemental materialistic world, because the spiritual world is the cause of shaping the ideas they have in life. it also looked into how to break barriers between spiritual and physical world. the question is if the social and physical experiences will affect the spirituality of the artists, but also realising that society is the reflection of the arts. this is all because of the knowledge that the more we change the world inside us, we change the world outside of us.

P1080746.JPGphoto on the wall by thalente khomo

she exposed the horrific social view of young people as being viewed as adults and how their innocence gets lost and no longer can be brought back.


painting by Nhlaknipho Mkhize.

Sizwe “Zulu Belafonte” Mbanjwa stands next to the painting that he say captured his eye most with it multi-dimensional artistry. in our view this picture looks at how women are seen without an identity, but mere objects. it also reveals that women are also dressing less and adopting a social identity by imitating international artists who sell sex through art mediums.


Mthobisi Maphumulo sharing some words, standing in front of his painting.

our longtime friend, Mthobisi Maphumulo had some running around to do that night that we eventually caught up with him at the end of all, we were the last to exit the gallery, but before we left he share the art being exhibited by the AmaSosha Art Movement.

“we as amaSosha, took this opportunity to look at the situation around us and opened our minds to it and engaged it with our minds and show it to society” said maphumulo




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