I had been meaning to spent time to get to know Khethamahle Kweyama better known as Elppag of simply G by his peers. I had heard about him for the longest of time and everyone who had spoken about him had nothing but glorious remarks about him and how he’s disciplined in his art. I then grew a great curiosity about him and had to get known him on a personal level, though I never force anything, but destiny was going to play out and manifest and so it did. . .


I got to meet him for the first time ever on a Sunday of a canceled KoolOut Vintage event at the South beach hang out spot, Ciao Bella. He had been wearing the jacket I had desired for the longer that I can remember, I was wearing a raggedy post apocalypse sweater jersey with a polo tie given to me by Ali Ajasblak aka Fathermoon, and the jersey had a hole in the heart vicinity of the chest. Ali had complimented me on my swaggalicousness and Elppag being the people’s person he had been just spiced up the look by hooking the tie to the outside of the jersey through the hole.  Ali and I flipped into a rowdy roar of agreement with khethamahle and his eye for detail.

It was inevitable that our paths would cross once again, and so it did. The level of focus in the eyes of Khetha would burn a hole in the atmosphere if he was the sun of this universe. The level of respect he has for his craft, it was bound to pay back like a girlfriend who demands undivided, undiluted and undistracted attention. I had felt it before, the energy surging back and forth from his presence said it all and I was impressed.

I had plans of shooting two weeks before the actual shoot, but got stood up by my videographer, I got irritated there and then that he had made me look like an amateur to and very progressive forward movers, but it was inevitable, so when I had to shoot on the day scheduled, Khethamahle had to leave for the City of Gold, Johannesburg, Braamfontein, to sell merchandise, and I wasn’t going to push harder than I needed to.

The interview was short and sheet, just how in needed it to be, I interviewed him and his co-worker, Phindile Ximba, and what I found beneath the subtlety was nothing but passion in the form of fire within that I knew I possessed like a mutant who just needed to just focus to channel his powers properly.




This experience revealed to me that we are living amongst giants, titans of our time who are merely our size and did nothing different or anything we couldn’t do. “Persistency and positivity” is the word he preaches.

We ended up at the other end of BatCentre that day, and for a long period, I had noticed that he is also a gym fanatic and believed in being able to support your own weight, this guy was not only mentally fit, but physically war ready to take on an ox in an instant. Come to think of it….. Some time ago after I had met him for the first time at Ciao Bella, I saw him again with a septic ring and he said, “You know why I have a septic ring, it’s because I’m a heavyweight”.

it is undeniable that Khethmahle and his Brand: Elppag Brand of growing bigger and biggerand the time pass by, he is definitely the next Elppag ad not the Next Hugo Boss Brand.

The name Elppag is derived from – G Apple, when spelling it backwards, it spells Elppag that was his alias in the street culture movement, and after a while it transformed to what it is today.


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