Spiritual liberation: Elppag 2016

Spiritual liberation i the act of setting your soul free by detaching yourself from money but still recognising the importance of it’s existence.

this is the theme for Elppag Brand for 2016, which is recognised, because it has the ability of deslaving the mind and setting it free from the pressures of having to obsess about it since it is the tool to gaining all the riches one desires in this world.

in this notion, Elppag has taken it’s importance and acted upon it with the system of Bartering.  Bartering is the form of trading in goods and services without having to spend tangible money, as it was done before the invention of money.

Fexing Art Bartering System (Flexing ABS) is  placed in motion that Elppag Brand will be working with Nkululeko Dlamini, Ummah Screamingsun, Tyla Burnet, Cam Loftstrand (ALl of Existing Consciousness), Simthandile Ebonygypsy MtoloMbatha, Mthobisi Maphumulo, Wonder Buhle, Paras Dlamini and Anelisiwe Maphumulo to have a day of bartering where each one of the above mentioned will be performing in their respective art at the Elppag Store at the Bat Centre on 30 September 2016.(Back Dated to 25 Setpember 2016).

recognising that each of the artists have their respective arts, all together, they will be receiving remuneration for their performances in the form of an Elppag garment. this allows the sharing of audience and also having a wider reach of the market for all parties involved to be introduced to.

Spiritual liberation gathers all elements that makes the person whom they are, places them in sync with the now and alleviates the issues that hinder a progressive mind from functioning to it’s needed capacity.

A fluent mind is a capable mind, and a capable mind is a progressive mind.




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