Mlazi Milano

Released on the 23rd of December 2016, Mlazi Milano is the debut album of Smiso Zwane also known as Okmalumkoolkat. Born in Umlazi, P section and later relocated to Bonela and growing up there.

You could say he is the saviour of a lost society digging themselves a deeper grave than the one their missionaries dug for them to mine minerals

Mlazi Milano has a total of 17 songs with “GQI” its leading single, featuring Amadando from Lamontville township and produced by Rude Boyz, gqom music producers from Mt. Moriah. Okmalumkoolkat is best known for popularising the famous dance genre from Durban and mixing it to his preference and internationalising as he is signed to an international record label and also tours the world as DJ ZharpZharp, playing gqom music to the boxed-in European music enthusiasts who are open to new music and has been proof that the world is open to genre of music brewed by Durban nites from townships all around Durban.

The album has been long awaited, folĺowing his mixtape titled “100k Macassette” released in 2015 (which was released for free on Soundcloud) under Austrian record label, Mlazi Milano embodies his hometown of Durban full exp3rience, from motocross wear, form dancing to listening to a strictly local genre of music called Igqomu, which has no translation. The genre is no different to electro, thump thump, loud roacus music solely constructed for parties and clubs and parties.

The album has long been await as stated about and all over you hear people singing “nam’ angazi nje, ngizwe nje into ithi gqi” and deep hardcore fanatics of the sound just cannot get enough, playing it on repeat.

It is applaudable to mention his passion for black excellence and growing home grown talent as he only has home brewed, bubbling under talent featured on his debut album, artist from bedroom, Wendy-house studios in townships he was born in, this reveals that he really loves what he does and the sound he using as it was expected for his to produce a hip hop album, as it is unheard-of of a person rhyming onto of a gqom beat, the norm was to have three line repetitively sounding throughout a 4 minute song.

He also touched on Maskandi music and speaks a lot about Zulu mythology and the guardian of African folklore in the south (Credo Mutwa). He is also alighting people about culture being the identity of him and how he has not let the world shift his focus on the ancestors, African folklore, African music and all other factors that that westernised black Christians. You could say he is the saviour of a lost society digging themselves a deeper grave than the one their missionaries dug for them to mine minerals.

My favourite song of them all is featuring “the brother moves on” band titled “ubhuti onsundu” (black brother. This song speaks about a brother of everyday life going through all life phases but has forgotten where he comes from and finds in the future that what he thought was going right turns for the worst because he has strayed afar from his roots and the perpetuation of this life continues into the after life because he just cannot find his way back. Here he is pleaded with every black brother to not forget their roots and stay grounded as roots themselves


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