Plastic Images of Humans

By :Upenyu Wakanaka

The event was presented as it was seen as an issue that should be confronted by society at large.

Perros sat on a chair in a pure white room, silently and still, she allowed people to take pictures of her and didn’t flinch, not even for a second.

“[WO]mannequin is a continuing exploration and confrontation of the role my own political body, and the bodies of others, play within the carcass of South African society today. Like ghosts from the past and mirrors of the present – the mannequin has come to represent the border between life and death, between participant and observer, between body and commodity and the destruction and re-construction of humanity and self”. Expressed Robyn Perros in her photography exhibition at The Other Room on Friday the 5th of May 2017.

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Mlazi Milano

Released on the 23rd of December 2016, Mlazi Milano is the debut album of Smiso Zwane also known as Okmalumkoolkat. Born in Umlazi, P section and later relocated to Bonela and growing up there.

You could say he is the saviour of a lost society digging themselves a deeper grave than the one their missionaries dug for them to mine minerals

Mlazi Milano has a total of 17 songs with “GQI” its leading single, featuring Amadando from Lamontville township and produced by Rude Boyz, gqom music producers from Mt. Moriah. Okmalumkoolkat is best known for popularising the famous dance genre from Durban and mixing it to his preference and internationalising as he is signed to an international record label and also tours the world as DJ ZharpZharp, playing gqom music to the boxed-in European music enthusiasts who are open to new music and has been proof that the world is open to genre of music brewed by Durban nites from townships all around Durban.

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Regular First Visit to Studio

yet he was reluctant and was facing a dilemma of knowing when to stop when indulging in finger swerving scribbling genius.

pastel on, pastel off, paste on, paste off, wax o, wax off, swoosh, swish went the regular first visit to Mthobisi Maphumulo’s studio.

So much colour focusly splashed around the space. Tiny like a Japanese urban living space, yet open as a hall of fame with artworks of only two artists, Akiko Nakaji a Japanese an artist and graphic designer now living in Durban, South Africa. Growing up in Japan, Akiko was trained in classical calligraphy and Mthobisi Maphumulo, a pure Zulu breed soldier from Umgababa, south KZN.

So much colour focusly splashed around the space. Tiny like a Japanese urban living space, yet open as a hall of fame with artworks of only two artists.

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Messages from the Warfare Guerilla Souls


AmaSosha Art Movement is a group of collective from in and around Durban who have an inter-dimensional view of art in unison and united to march in the line as soldiers do and fight a social guerilla warfare in the street of South Africa as a whole.

AmaSosha exhibited at the kwaZulu Natal Society of Arts on Tuesday, 16/08/16, which had a collective of thirteen artists exhibiting, speaking about their messages from the soul.

P1080749.JPG Photo by Thalente Khomo

“the picture talks about ho0w society views a young child as an adult and that get exploited by society and the young child loses its innocence” said Khomo who is Photographer studying photography at the Durban University of Technology and also once did a photo shoot with WildHeArt.

the exhibition was opened by ubaba Thami Jali with a opening speech, then followed with a contemporary piece by Zwakhele Gazu and Slindile Sibiya then sprinkled some musical essence by Mbijana Sibisi and then the roaming and mingling began with “long-time” expressions of people who only meet at exhibition because they all are hard workers.


the exhibition explores the spiritual thoughts in the context of a judgemental materialistic world, because the spiritual world is the cause of shaping the ideas they have in life. it also looked into how to break barriers between spiritual and physical world. the question is if the social and physical experiences will affect the spirituality of the artists, but also realising that society is the reflection of the arts. this is all because of the knowledge that the more we change the world inside us, we change the world outside of us.

P1080746.JPGphoto on the wall by thalente khomo

she exposed the horrific social view of young people as being viewed as adults and how their innocence gets lost and no longer can be brought back.


painting by Nhlaknipho Mkhize.

Sizwe “Zulu Belafonte” Mbanjwa stands next to the painting that he say captured his eye most with it multi-dimensional artistry. in our view this picture looks at how women are seen without an identity, but mere objects. it also reveals that women are also dressing less and adopting a social identity by imitating international artists who sell sex through art mediums.


Mthobisi Maphumulo sharing some words, standing in front of his painting.

our longtime friend, Mthobisi Maphumulo had some running around to do that night that we eventually caught up with him at the end of all, we were the last to exit the gallery, but before we left he share the art being exhibited by the AmaSosha Art Movement.

“we as amaSosha, took this opportunity to look at the situation around us and opened our minds to it and engaged it with our minds and show it to society” said maphumulo



Seems like its Simmy Sims, at it!

its not new term in the game, Hustle! is the word that is always accompanied with the come up kids and once again, is evident that, it is a term most effective and affective in the rap scene.

19 year old Simmy Sims, or Simphiwe mthembu best know by his peers, is on the come up and is looking at those in the rap scene like it is lunch time. Not a club artist who makes music of the club but a musician whom you would much oblige to sit down and listen to on the earphone after a long day and would just encourage you to work harder and he follows the mottoes;

  • everything happens for a reason
  • I want to eat with people i starve with (logik)

the young musician from Eskhawini, north of Durban said “i came to Durban with a mix-tape and was promised rainbows and butterflies” has now come to realise that only you can do what you want done, and people will only compliment.

Simmy Sims is a student studying Fine Art and does music to fill up his time and does not focus on anything else. at the age of 10 he saw that he has the ability of creating nothing into something.

he started off listening to Hip hop as a younging and has gone on to listen to musicians like Lupe Fiasco and J.Cole to name a few. he does not only rap but is also vocally influenced by artists like The Weeknd, Tory Lanez and Bryston Tiller, so he does not regard himself as a rapper but a simple musician.

he says that the biggest obstacle he has encountered is finding his sound and having to do everything himself, because upon his arrival to Durban, straight out of John Ross College, he took his already done mixtape, Living In My Head, to well-known artists like rapper Zakwe and producer, Ngane, and was well complimented but never received the help he needed so he would grow in the hip hop scene.

Living In My head has 1000 download in 1 night and grew gradually, it had 22 tracks and Hustle was the first track that has a video, but says he is dropping a E.P titled The Weekend with a total of six tracks.

he is also available on social media;

  • Facebook – Simphiwe Mthembu
  • Twitter – @iamsimmysims
  • Soundcloud – iamsimmysims.

needless to say that he was on winner of artist of the day on Slikour Online, with all these to meditate to we know Simmy Sims is going to blow up as he is mastering two forms of art in one go. we wish this artist all the best for the future.

Editor Wins 1st Pool Competition in 2 Years

Our Editor, WildHeArt, won the very first pool competition in two years at the City Campus, Durban University of technology.

The competition was organised by WildHeArt in response to the fact that there are alot of pool players at the city campus and no one was really ready to give their all, because it seemed that, everyone played players they are used to so and never gave their all. in response to that, our editor decided that if people would invest in their capabilities and played a player they never really played with their full might, then that would make a very interesting turn of events.

The competition was not only about who is best, but each player was playing for their individual title and the title of the best faculty that harnessed the best players on campus. it was first player against player, there were eight players that participated, they played until there were only two players to play in the final, it was a knock out tournament.

in city campus, there are five faculties; Journalism, Graphic Design, Jewellery Design, Fine Art, Interior Design and video Technology, it is basically an Art school [if you will].

the final round was down to WildheArt and Avaran, Journalism and Video Technology. the match was a very fiery battle between two giants whom conquer the pool table on a daily basis.

Avaran was leading from the word go with stripes, dropped all the balls and was down to the black eight ball, whilst WildHeArt was slacking behind with six solid ball, to the hard praying and the contemplating of Avaran, WildHeArt got to the black eight ball, tensions were high and the anticipation and suspense dominating, WildHeArt struck the balls and…………. before that, a stroke of genius was hit by Avaran with a jump ball, cushion, pocket shot that left the Heart of WildHeArt racing like a stampede of buffaloes,   sadly it was never meant to be and with only one shot need between the players to sink the black eight ball, WildHeArt, with only one shot on the black eight ball, sunk the black eight ball and left with the prize money of R105.00.

the same competition will be running twice a week with an entrance fee of R15.00 per player. if any DUT student from City Campus should wish to participate, email us at or inbox us on Facebook and we will gladly accommodate the notion.

Reminiscing and Recognising

the day was perfect for such a prestigious evening with art. the room was a collage of art expressions and art lifestyle people.

Amasosha Group were at attention with their art and were un apologetic about it, with Mthobisi Maphumulo as one of the artists exhibition whom went on and expressed him opinion on social is with his art piece speaking about his work is questions the inequalities that are found in the society through social struggles his people have engaged with in order to find freedom.

the exhibition was themed – 20 Years Later : A Fresh look at our Bill of Rights which has the DNA of Oliver Tambo Stating repetetively Former Judge of the Contitutional Court Judge Albie Sachs, who was the guest speaker (he spoke to us about our current youth struggle- #FEESMUSTFALL-, but that a topic for another day)

Sihle Mthumkhulu, another of the AmaSosha Group, stood out with is sculpture of Kings of Africa (King Mswati), a crab wich symbolises water, love elements. all in all he is saying that African Kingsmanship will never die and forever reign almighty.

the AmaSosha Group is said to be consisting of nine members, sadly all of them are men and Mthobisi Maphumulo is calling out two females (Dancer and Photographer) to complete the team effort and be effectively effective as a collective.

the exhibition was called together by Carol Brown who is the curator of the art works at thwe Durban Art Gallery on the third floor.

Zuko N, Ghu of Afreeecan Khonsirps colluded with fellow artist Khulula Hlophe on freedom of expression through clothing, “issues we cannot speak out or expressionism we csan reach is reveal through clothing and the best part is that it is not mostly in art galleries but on the street in everyday lives” expressed Zuko N.Ghu.

A guy from Botswana named Modisa Motsomi decided to express him views on the previous xeno[phobic attack on fellow like-skinned black people and sculptured (says he always does this) his face.

as to  the artists that were there:

  • AmaSosha Group
  • Mthobisi Maphumulo
  • Nkosinathi Ndlovu
  • Mondli Mbhele
  • Sihle Mthumkhulu
  • Bhekinkosi Deli (first time exhibiter, we speak to this guy next)
  • Khulula Hlophe
  • Quentin

Just to name a few.