Seems like its Simmy Sims, at it!

its not new term in the game, Hustle! is the word that is always accompanied with the come up kids and once again, is evident that, it is a term most effective and affective in the rap scene.

19 year old Simmy Sims, or Simphiwe mthembu best know by his peers, is on the come up and is looking at those in the rap scene like it is lunch time. Not a club artist who makes music of the club but a musician whom you would much oblige to sit down and listen to on the earphone after a long day and would just encourage you to work harder and he follows the mottoes;

  • everything happens for a reason
  • I want to eat with people i starve with (logik)

the young musician from Eskhawini, north of Durban said “i came to Durban with a mix-tape and was promised rainbows and butterflies” has now come to realise that only you can do what you want done, and people will only compliment.

Simmy Sims is a student studying Fine Art and does music to fill up his time and does not focus on anything else. at the age of 10 he saw that he has the ability of creating nothing into something.

he started off listening to Hip hop as a younging and has gone on to listen to musicians like Lupe Fiasco and J.Cole to name a few. he does not only rap but is also vocally influenced by artists like The Weeknd, Tory Lanez and Bryston Tiller, so he does not regard himself as a rapper but a simple musician.

he says that the biggest obstacle he has encountered is finding his sound and having to do everything himself, because upon his arrival to Durban, straight out of John Ross College, he took his already done mixtape, Living In My Head, to well-known artists like rapper Zakwe and producer, Ngane, and was well complimented but never received the help he needed so he would grow in the hip hop scene.

Living In My head has 1000 download in 1 night and grew gradually, it had 22 tracks and Hustle was the first track that has a video, but says he is dropping a E.P titled The Weekend with a total of six tracks.

he is also available on social media;

  • Facebook – Simphiwe Mthembu
  • Twitter – @iamsimmysims
  • Soundcloud – iamsimmysims.

needless to say that he was on winner of artist of the day on Slikour Online, with all these to meditate to we know Simmy Sims is going to blow up as he is mastering two forms of art in one go. we wish this artist all the best for the future.