5 Billion Rands later, unsuccessful!


“in addition to the increases of R32 billion we made in the higher education allocations in last year’s Budget and the 2016 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement, we have added a further R5 billion in the outer year“, these were the words of the minister of Finance at the national assembly on 22nd of February 2017.

“Those who will pay a fee increase capped at 8% are those who can afford it and those who come from rich families,” these are the words of our minister of higher education and training.

Thought the funding was successfully granted to those whom are fitting with the criteria of the selection for funds, many were left stranded with their thumbs in their mouths after receiving an instant message alerting them that their applications were unsuccessful and will have to either, enrol into a FET college to receive a second look into their applications, become a self-payer or stay at home and look for a job with a bleak day to day routine back and forth running away from the hunger and bad mumbo-jumbo of everyday life, because really you do not have any other choice and the ultimatum is as such.

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Regular First Visit to Studio

yet he was reluctant and was facing a dilemma of knowing when to stop when indulging in finger swerving scribbling genius.

pastel on, pastel off, paste on, paste off, wax o, wax off, swoosh, swish went the regular first visit to Mthobisi Maphumulo’s studio.

So much colour focusly splashed around the space. Tiny like a Japanese urban living space, yet open as a hall of fame with artworks of only two artists, Akiko Nakaji a Japanese an artist and graphic designer now living in Durban, South Africa. Growing up in Japan, Akiko was trained in classical calligraphy and Mthobisi Maphumulo, a pure Zulu breed soldier from Umgababa, south KZN.

So much colour focusly splashed around the space. Tiny like a Japanese urban living space, yet open as a hall of fame with artworks of only two artists.

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Im All In!

“its been fun i tell you, fun my brother and sister but all I’m left with is just over a year to determine my path for the rest of my life and damn, its scary and exciting at the same time.”

BUT NOW I’M ALL IN. i know i have to trust the process and put my faith in the universe, which is contrary to what i have been taught my whole entire life. All my life i was taught to pray and put my trust on a religious beliefs and faces non of my kind.

Im All in, i am  writer, with a love for fashion, dreams of being a guitar player. and that all im pursuing, everything else that i can do will be archived.

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Spiritual liberation: Elppag 2016

Spiritual liberation i the act of setting your soul free by detaching yourself from money but still recognising the importance of it’s existence.

this is the theme for Elppag Brand for 2016, which is recognised, because it has the ability of deslaving the mind and setting it free from the pressures of having to obsess about it since it is the tool to gaining all the riches one desires in this world.

in this notion, Elppag has taken it’s importance and acted upon it with the system of Bartering.  Bartering is the form of trading in goods and services without having to spend tangible money, as it was done before the invention of money.

Fexing Art Bartering System (Flexing ABS) is  placed in motion that Elppag Brand will be working with Nkululeko Dlamini, Ummah Screamingsun, Tyla Burnet, Cam Loftstrand (ALl of Existing Consciousness), Simthandile Ebonygypsy MtoloMbatha, Mthobisi Maphumulo, Wonder Buhle, Paras Dlamini and Anelisiwe Maphumulo to have a day of bartering where each one of the above mentioned will be performing in their respective art at the Elppag Store at the Bat Centre on 30 September 2016.(Back Dated to 25 Setpember 2016).

recognising that each of the artists have their respective arts, all together, they will be receiving remuneration for their performances in the form of an Elppag garment. this allows the sharing of audience and also having a wider reach of the market for all parties involved to be introduced to.

Spiritual liberation gathers all elements that makes the person whom they are, places them in sync with the now and alleviates the issues that hinder a progressive mind from functioning to it’s needed capacity.

A fluent mind is a capable mind, and a capable mind is a progressive mind.



New City Council has been elected


On the 24th of August the new City Council was elected at the Durban City Hall. This event was held just after the fifth government elections which were held on the 3rd of August 2016 across South Africa.

Many swarm in their numbers to witness this special occasion where a new Mayor was to be elected and the selection of other members of the Council was going to be announced. This event was not only about the selection of the new Council members, but to many was new hope that they will be change and progression in the city of Durban and the KwaZulu Natal province as a whole.

The launch ceremony began with a vibrant parade from the City Hall which started at 09h00 in the morning, where the City Manager, Sibusiso Sithole was the presiding officer during the inauguration ceremony. Alongside announcing the new Mayor there was also the announcement of the members that will serve in the Executive Committee, approval of the members of the different committees and also the election of the chairperson of the Council committee.  “We are convinced that all our combined efforts will ensure that the fifth democratic local government begin with its work of serving communities and delivering services”, said Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Des van Rooyen in a statement. Part of the agenda for the sitting was the declaration of the 220 Councillor, the election of the Speaker of Council, Mayor, Deputy and Chief Whip of Council.

Replacing James Nxumalo, Zandile Gumede, the ANC’s candidate, was elected as the new mayor of the eThekwini Municipality, and is officially the first female mayor of Durban. After receiving 124 votes, Gumede got the position and defeated the DA’s candidate Zwakele Mncwango who received 87 votes. “We humbly accept the responsibility that the people of eThekwini have given us. In accepting this responsibility, we commit to work with our people, opposition parties, government, business and civil society to realize the vision of our great city: to be the most caring and livable city in Africa by 2020” said Gumede in her very first speech as the Mayor of Durban. In continuation of her speech, Gumede also said that they will be doing their best to make sure that: Streets are cleaned, roads are without potholes, waste is collected weekly, street lamps work properly, houses and businesses have reliable power supply, health and safety, and water and sanitation, are also on their list of priorities.

After this auspicious occasion was one which marks a new beginning for the city of Durban, and the new Council members have made the promise that they are willing to do their ultimate best to ensure that they continue where the previous Council left of, in order for this city progresses and the people are satisfied with the services they receive.


by Nosipho Nonjabulo Bhengu (Contributor and Model)

The Princess to Queen Agenda

Have you ever been at a particular place and felt deep down that there is no place you would rather be?  That’s probably how everyone felt at the launch of The Princess to Queen Agenda held at the BAT center on the 27th August 2016.

The ambience was set by good music, an eclectic audience, pop-up stalls and a beautiful program director-Minenhle.  The Princess to Queen Agenda is the brain child of Anelisiwe Maphumulo- an artist honed by the Nowadays poetry session.  In starting such an initiative she had hope to.

Guest speakers included Annalisa Thembakazi   and Mrs. Yaa Ashantewaa Ngidi both from the Institution of Afrikology.   Annalisa spoke on how proud she was to have been part of such a bold agenda.  She then went on to say “…as young black women we aren’t meant to compete with each other but rather to complete (agendas) with each other.”   Annalisa emphasized that in society nothing favours the African girl child but African girls hold the worlds envy.  Serenity and self-acceptance is what she said each person needs to be complete and content with who they are.  “Titles without deeds are futile…titles come from a deeper place-take your name for example, look into it and embody it” she added.

We were then entertained beautifully with music by the Salaphi sisters and poetry from Langelihle Maniza Khuzwayo.  Both acts blessed us with items relevant to the event and issues that are pertinent to young black women.

The second and last speaker- Mrs. Ngidi- thereafter graced the stage in a very regal manner in which she had the audience singing and dancing along to the sounds of Thandiswa Mazwai.    A QUEEN in her own right- and many of our eyes- she enlightened us about the right of passage as an individual person.  She shared extensively her life story and how you as individual should like who you are, believe before you are a queen and lastly heal the temple-take care of yourself in all spheres.   The microphone then moved through the audience as the discussion went on to the floor.

This was an awesome way to round up women’s month… women empowerment for women by women.  The Princess to Queen agenda- in the words of Anelisiwe Maphumulo- was started with the aim of finding solutions to the everyday problems women face and to grow each other through motivation.  The days’ program in my opinion, came to close after reaching and exceeding expectations.

This is definitely an agenda to one’s focus on.

by Anele “sisyang’chaza” Hlongwane

I had been meaning to spent time to get to know Khethamahle Kweyama better known as Elppag of simply G by his peers. I had heard about him for the longest of time and everyone who had spoken about him had nothing but glorious remarks about him and how he’s disciplined in his art. I then grew a great curiosity about him and had to get known him on a personal level, though I never force anything, but destiny was going to play out and manifest and so it did. . .


I got to meet him for the first time ever on a Sunday of a canceled KoolOut Vintage event at the South beach hang out spot, Ciao Bella. He had been wearing the jacket I had desired for the longer that I can remember, I was wearing a raggedy post apocalypse sweater jersey with a polo tie given to me by Ali Ajasblak aka Fathermoon, and the jersey had a hole in the heart vicinity of the chest. Ali had complimented me on my swaggalicousness and Elppag being the people’s person he had been just spiced up the look by hooking the tie to the outside of the jersey through the hole.  Ali and I flipped into a rowdy roar of agreement with khethamahle and his eye for detail.

It was inevitable that our paths would cross once again, and so it did. The level of focus in the eyes of Khetha would burn a hole in the atmosphere if he was the sun of this universe. The level of respect he has for his craft, it was bound to pay back like a girlfriend who demands undivided, undiluted and undistracted attention. I had felt it before, the energy surging back and forth from his presence said it all and I was impressed.

I had plans of shooting two weeks before the actual shoot, but got stood up by my videographer, I got irritated there and then that he had made me look like an amateur to and very progressive forward movers, but it was inevitable, so when I had to shoot on the day scheduled, Khethamahle had to leave for the City of Gold, Johannesburg, Braamfontein, to sell merchandise, and I wasn’t going to push harder than I needed to.

The interview was short and sheet, just how in needed it to be, I interviewed him and his co-worker, Phindile Ximba, and what I found beneath the subtlety was nothing but passion in the form of fire within that I knew I possessed like a mutant who just needed to just focus to channel his powers properly.




This experience revealed to me that we are living amongst giants, titans of our time who are merely our size and did nothing different or anything we couldn’t do. “Persistency and positivity” is the word he preaches.

We ended up at the other end of BatCentre that day, and for a long period, I had noticed that he is also a gym fanatic and believed in being able to support your own weight, this guy was not only mentally fit, but physically war ready to take on an ox in an instant. Come to think of it….. Some time ago after I had met him for the first time at Ciao Bella, I saw him again with a septic ring and he said, “You know why I have a septic ring, it’s because I’m a heavyweight”.

it is undeniable that Khethmahle and his Brand: Elppag Brand of growing bigger and biggerand the time pass by, he is definitely the next Elppag ad not the Next Hugo Boss Brand.

The name Elppag is derived from – G Apple, when spelling it backwards, it spells Elppag that was his alias in the street culture movement, and after a while it transformed to what it is today.