Plastic Images of Humans

By :Upenyu Wakanaka

The event was presented as it was seen as an issue that should be confronted by society at large.

Perros sat on a chair in a pure white room, silently and still, she allowed people to take pictures of her and didn’t flinch, not even for a second.

“[WO]mannequin is a continuing exploration and confrontation of the role my own political body, and the bodies of others, play within the carcass of South African society today. Like ghosts from the past and mirrors of the present – the mannequin has come to represent the border between life and death, between participant and observer, between body and commodity and the destruction and re-construction of humanity and self”. Expressed Robyn Perros in her photography exhibition at The Other Room on Friday the 5th of May 2017.

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The Story of a City called Tokyo

Introduction: By Upenyu Wakanaka

“Tokyo, my beloved Tokyo, never shall a weep because of you”. . . .

where do i begin, as riveting as i would love this story to be i will rather be honest as much as i love because love is the law i shall do what thou wilt, a quote straight from Aliester Crowley’s Thelema.

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words best kept secret, sshhhh……

No, not Mook the street artists, MOOC, Massive Open Online Courses. If you, just like the any of us, has a deep desire to improve on areas you identify as your weak spots, then the word is out and has been for quite a while now. They say your relationship with God is not determined by how many times you attend a Sunday morning sermon, nonetheless it does not hurt to attend a Tuesday evening gathering of a home cell. So that is where Robin the architect took me… fast forward a little to an evening mass dinner of lasagne and wine in the chilly outdoors of Pinetown. 

This is where i meet Sue, Sue Price, lecturer of Information Systems at the University of KwaZulu Natal. She whisper a little tale in the air, which would turn into the highlight of the night, i mean the food was exquisite, the ambiance was shimmering….. back to the issue at hand.

The 21st century has brought us the internet and to use it the correct way would benefit highly in this massively competitive society, and that what has brought us to the conclusion whispered by Sue Price that evening and that was a mere four letters, MOOC, Massive Open Online Courses. So what these really are, are online classes offering the exact knowledge provided at formal institutes on the net, they are provided by these very institutes, such as Oxford university, Harvard University, so there is no reason one cannot equip themselves with such information, some cost money and some are free and for a small price they even provide you with a certificate, now imagine yourself with a Harvard MOOC certificate. they also work on a time frame, so it might take up, not much, but some of your personal time.

These allow you to test yourself on subjects like mathematics, literature, science, history…. you get the picture. What has been identified is that subject of such really assist a person in the real world. E.g. you at a museum about the Zulu nation, and it is such that you didn’t pay much attention during class in high school, you are sure to feel excluded in, if it should arise, that conversation and it’s there and then your social skills are taking a serious hit.

Not only do you actually have something to say at that circle, but the confidence as well to raise your voice and ‘scream on top of your lungs” feeling release, you also feel the ‘deep bottomless pit’ hole you need to fill with knowledge to attack the vicious “forever swallowing people” world.

Moral of the story is that of MOOCs which are a fantastic exercise and a good excuse to be on the net for a good 2 hours or so, while others go to the gym, you exercise your mind to challenge the world on you own pedestal and not one designed for you.